Discover how the implementation of AGV-based intralogistics solutions can improve your performance and working conditions on your site

AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles or Automatic Guided Vehicle) are driverless material handling vehicles used to move loads safely in factories or warehouses.


Mobile robots powered by battery, are controlled by a supervision system to evolve independently, interfacing with operators and communicating with other equipment (conveyors, automatons, WMS, ERP, etc.).


BA Systèmes AGVs (automated GUIDED vehicle) 

BA Systèmes studies, designs, manufactures, assembles and tests its own automatic vehicles. ISO 9001 certified, we guarantee the sustainability of our machines and a precise management of our components’ obsolescence.


Choosing our expertise is the guarantee of:

  • A solution tailored to your needs and environment,
  • Having control over the full process,
  • The upgradability of your system,
  • The best competence and responsiveness of our technical teams.


key figures

BA Systemes AGVs Key Figures


bénéficesthe benefits of an AGV system

  • Productivity gains,
  • Operating cost reduction,
  • Storage capacity optimization,
  • Improved working conditions for operators and reduction of MSDs,
  • Real-time products traceability,
  • Shipment control,
  • Guaranteed safety of the process and for loads and people,
  • 7d/7, 24h/24 optimal operation,
  • Fast ROI.


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