AGV Safety

Our AGV solutions are designed to operate safely, including with operators and forklift drivers

Load handling can be a dangerous and costly exercise (damage to goods transported, collisions produced by hand trucks, etc.). An AGV system, unlike traditional hand trucks, allows you both to significantly reduce the internal costs and improve safety.


Our AGVs comply with the 2006/42/CE Machinery Directive and the NF EN 1525 standard. BA Systèmes is a member of the editorial committee responsible for this standard and is continuously involved in improving it.


AGVs safety equipments

Besides piloting, navigation safety and the guidance accuracy, several hardware devices are used to ensure the safety of our systems, of your goods and your staff:

  • Anti-collision systems

    Obstacle detection is an AGV key safety equipment so they can interact safely with operators while optimizing their speed. An obstacle detected in the stop field programmed for each sensor will stop the AGV.

    SightWe offer a volumetric camera-based obstacle detection system as an option available with our AGV solutions. Called Sight, the device comes as a Plug & Play kit.

    Based on 3D ToF (Time Of Flight) camera technology and BA Systèmes’ image processing algorithm, this additional system complements efficiently the standard detection equipment of horizontal safety scanners.

  • Signage devices

    • Alarms and warning lights
      Warning lights are displayed to prevent visually operators approaching an AGV (AGV running, changes of direction, light pointer to the floor to indicate his way…)
    • Alarms and warning sounds
      The audible warnings are used to signal the AGV when it enters an area identified as sensitive, when operating backwards or when there is a default (emergency stop, detection of an obstacle …)
  • Emergency stop buttons

    Pressing any of the buttons equipping the AGV, stops it.

  • And also

    Optional devices depending on your environment and tailored to your specific needs can complement the basic safety equipment of our AGVs (detection of low forks, obstacle height…)


advices & Environment

BA Systèmes supports its customers in the implementation of specific safety measures to their sites. We perform for each installation a risk analysis combined with recommendations in terms of arrangements or markings to implement in the working environment:

  • Adapting premises,

  • Marking traffic areas,

  • Revising the circulation plan.

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