CM – Powered Conveyor AGV

An efficient automated vehicle for high production rates

Designed to handle high flow rates, the CM is used for transfers between production and packaging lines and also between receiving, shipping and storage areas.


Do you have a project ?

  • High flow rates,
  • High speed,
  • Several types of adapted conveyor.

Technical Details

  • From 1 to 4 loads
  • Long-side or short-side loading (rollers, chains, modular belts)
  • Transfer height: 500 mm as standard (customizable transfer heights if needed)
  • 2 possible transfer levels (superior level: finished products pallets / inferior level: empty pallets)
  • Adapted kinematics to the environment (mono or dual turrets)
  • Available options: various sizes of loads, anti-tipping device, load holder, etc.
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