Supervision / Fleet Management Software

An intelligent and efficient management of internal flows is the key to ensuring efficient continuity of production lines and improving overall process performance

Developed by BA Systèmes, AGV Manager is the AGV systems’ control and management software suite (Fleet Management Software) that can be easily implemented into all industrial, production and logistics processes.


As an orchestra conductor, AGV Manager manages in real time the fleet of AGVs. Intelligence of the system, it regulates traffic and assigns transport orders to the AGV (according to the priorities of missions, the availability of AGV, their proximity, the most economical route to take, etc.).


Compatible and in interface with your own management systems (ERP, WMS, CAM …), AGV Manager is able to manage all the tasks on your production site:

  • The fleet of automated vehicles,
  • The tasks of your forklift drivers,
  • The pallet stacking cells,
  • The packaging machines,
  • The automated or manual storage,
  • The shipments.


BA Systèmes AGV Manager

AGV Manager, fleet management software, allows you in real time to:

  • Supervise your business,
  • Optimize your resources,
  • Change your AGV routes,
  • Have complete and reliable traceability of all your products,
  • Analyze your business and control the complete performance of your installation.


AGV Manager has a remote assistance function linking BA Systèmes to its customer sites and ensuring a quick assistance if needed. More about the Customer Service.


Choosing a partner-developer of its own fleet management software is a real asset.

We guarantee the continuity, adaptability and advanced software features:

  • Flexibility and evolution of the supervision software,
  • Quick and easy changes,
  • Software and interface customization to your needs.
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