Discover the future innovative AGV of BA Systèmes

11 December 2017

The 19th edition of the “Observeur du Design” unveils the future innovative AGV of BA Systèmes

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Industrial robotics and service robotics at the Digital Tech Conference

30 November 2017

The world of robotics is intriguing to you? Come and discover the latest advances and future innovations through workshops, debates and conferences animated by specialists.

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The French TV channel LCI gives the portrait of BA Systèmes

23 November 2017

Back on Entrepreneurial Ambitions coverage on BA Systèmes, broadcasted on LCI on November 17, 2017.

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BA Systèmes automates the internal logistics of Sappi’s Maastricht paper mill in the Netherlands with an AGV system

14 November 2017

BA Systèmes has successfully completed the AGV automation of Sappi’s Maastricht paper mill in the Netherlands. The fleet of 7 counterbalanced AGVs constitutes a highly efficient automated solution for integrated production and storage flows.


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ROBO-K, rehabilitation robot, winner of the SOFMER 2017 price

18 October 2017

This competition, which aimed at identifying and rewarding innovative projects that reduce disability and improve rehabilitation, rewarded Robo-K, the walking rehabilitation robot developed by BA Healthcare.


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How mobile robotics makes it possible to build a house in 3D printing

15 September 2017

The first house built by 3D printing started this week in Nantes (France). This first is made possible thanks to a BA Systèmes AGV


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The 1st mobile cobot in Europe is tested at BA Robotic Systems Group

14 September 2017

Under P-RC2 project (ie “Platform for Robot Controller Construction”) which aims at developing a collaborative software environment dedicated to robotics in the Factory of the Future, BA Robotic Systems Group has developed a mobile cobot to evaluate and validate the results of the project, a first in Europe!


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