Customer Service

Quality of service, responsiveness and professionalism for our customers’ satisfaction

As our AGV systems can have a lifetime of more than 10 years depending on use, as your process cannot be interrupted, our primary objective is to maintain the performance of your installations. If your production process, workflows or locations came to evolve, we are committed to support you in the preservation of the system quality and adapt it if needed throughout the lifetime of your installation.


BA Systèmes makes a commitment to its customers, from the pre-project phase, on a total cost of ownership of their future system – TCO Approach, consisting of investment and maintenance costs. So you have a long-term visibility and control of your overall operating costs.



Our customer service offers a complete range of maintenance services tailored to your needs and your installation:

  • Advice and support (system performance analysis, logistics studies and organizational advice, providing solutions and their implementation, changes implementation, obsolescence following),
  • Maintenance services (contracts and system maintenance operations, spare parts, etc.),
  • Training and maintaining your team’s training level.
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