AGV Training

We offer you a complete AGV training offer to help you make the most of your system's performance

BA Systèmes wished to open its own training center in 2018 in order to continue to better support its customers in the use of their AGV solutions. The aim is to ensure that their teams can make the best use of the performance of the AGV system as soon as it is commissioned and, throughout the lifetime of the installation, to maintain or develop their skills.


All of our training courses take place in our customer’s premises, exclusively to their employees, to:

  • Benefiting from a training dedicated to their employees,
  • Choosing the date depending of their business activity,
  • Being trained on their equipment in their environment.



solutionsOur AGV training offer is based upon 11 modules

  • M1 to M5 : Getting started with AGVs training courses are provided on the first AGV commissioning in your premises,
  • M6 to M11: Advanced training courses are provided throughout the lifetime of your system.












The training modules conducting during a first AGV commissioning are structured around four different training paths each of them tailored for a specific target audience:

  • Training path for employees in charge of production & authorized to handle AGVs:
    M1 – AGV risk prevention + M2 – Getting started with AGVs
  • Training path for operation manager: 
    M1 – AGV risk prevention + M2 – Getting started with AGVs + M3 – Software management of the AGV fleet
  • Training path for IT manager:
    M4 – AGV Manager software system administration
  • Training path for maintenance technician: 
    M1 – AGV risk prevention + M5 – AGV preventive maintenance




In order to meet our customers’ specific needs as closely as possible, we offer training courses that are tailored to their objectives and the level of their employees.


Training catalog available upon request


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