End of line

BA Systèmes’ AGV solutions provide a continuous service and are essential for applications such as removing finished products from the ends of production lines

Ensure your end of line flow rates

At the ends of production lines, there are a wide variety of workflow types and rates are often very high. A fleet of AGVs can ensure rates ranging from a few pallets to several hundred pallets an hour and for any type of transfer (on the floor or on conveyors) such as:

  • Discharging palletizers,
  • Transferring to shrink wrapping, pallet covering and stretch wrapping units (our systems automatically communicate with these units),
  • Supplying storage areas,
  • Preparing shipping areas.


To ensure the highest rates, needed, for example, by the bottling sector, BA Systèmes designs and manufactures a range of powered conveyors AGV type (CM), which provide you with the ability to transfer up to 4 loads simultaneously.


Supply and disposal of end of line with BA Systemes AGVs


Choose complete end of line solutions

BA Systèmes provides complete turnkey solutions thanks to our industrial partner:



Packaging line engineering specialist (unit load and bag) for industry based on a complete range of products: palletizers, conveyors, etc.

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