The AGV systems are the ideal complement to the setting up of a KANBAN or just-in-time manufacturing process. Interfaced with your ERP or MIS software, they provide just-in-time deliveries, without advanced storage, in your aisles or to line-sides.

Automate your connections between workstations

From receiving or storage areas, our AGVs ensure efficient supply of your production lines without interruptions with:

  • Components,
  • Raw materials,
  • Packaging items,
  • Consumables,
  • Empty pallets and skips.


BA Systèmes’ automated guided vehicles adapt to your requirements and environment.


Our systems can also allow you to automate:

  • Waste flows to compactors or recyclers,
  • Pallet broken lot returning to stock.



An integral part of your production process

Transferring finished or semi-finished products is often a delicate mission in the production process, when loads are vulnerable and unstable as they are not yet shrink-wrapped or stretch-wrapped. This handling step is particularly important since it is the final stage before your products are made available to consumers.

Thanks to their technology (guidance, safety elements, continuous acceleration and adapted speed to the environment), our AGVs undertake your production flows with high reliability and without compromising the integrity of your products.



AGVs in production area

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