Managing your shipments with an AGV system is to optimize and control your internal logistics until the end of the process

Our AGVs ensure automatic transfer from the warehouse to the shipping area(s) and the shipments preparation.


automated shipping management with an AGV system

Our solutions allow you to automatically prepare orders on pallets or trucks content on loading docks, by:

  • Loading on the floor or marshalling:
    Prior scheduling of pallets using AGVs. Operators only have to load the trucks following the automated setups already performed. This system offer many advantages:

    • Just-in-time preparation,
    • Anticipation at night,
    • Respect for the scheduling of deliveries (1 load = multiple delivery points).
  • Gravity and powered conveyors (loading can be integrated):
    Conveyor systems of the free roller type or powered type to facilitate pallets loading by operators.


Choosing the automated shipment preparation is the guarantee of:

  • Ensuring the traceability of your products,
  • Improving the responsiveness of your site (preparation time and quality),
  • Optimizing your loading times and respect your deadlines.


Automated shipping management with BA Systemes AGV

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