You are competing in a diverse and challenging environment in which quality and hygiene require a reliable, flexible and efficient system to optimize your food logistics

BA Systèmes offers AGV solutions to meet the logistical and economic constraints of the food industries and ensure traceability, hygiene and safety in the production processes.


pictos-solutionsOUR solutions

Improve your processes and performance levels

  • A 7/7 and 24hr/24 operating system with a high level of reliability to increase your flow rates.
  • A fleet management system whose flexibility ensures adapted response times and maintain the continuity of operation of your lines.


Effectively manage all your loads

  • Our AGVs handle pallets, containers, tanks, stacks of empty pallets or finished products, of different types and sizes without compromising the integrity of your products.
  • Our systems can also automatically handle the disposal of waste.


Ensure the quality of your operations and their traceability


Reduce the risk of MSDs for your operators

  • Loads provision near the machines taking into account the appropriate need improves the working conditions of your operators. Your stock management is optimized and the most tedious tasks are performed by AGVs.


Secure your environment

  • Our AGV systems operate in interface with your other production equipment and evolve safely in your environment in interaction with operators. Your loads, your equipment and infrastructure will no longer undergo degradation.


bénéfices your benefits

  • Safety of your production environment and integrity of your loads,
  • Optimal traceability and greater control of your production processes,
  • Improved productivity.


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