Candia Lons has choosen BA Systèmes’ solution to automate two packaging lines

Following the expansion of its plant in Lons, the site has doubled its production capacity. This extension hosts two new milk packaging lines, from bottling or cartons to palletizing

Founded in 1971, Candia is the 1st French producer of drinking milk with nearly 1.5 billion liters of milk processed annually on its six French manufacturing sites. The company is affiliated with Sodiaal, 1st French milk cooperative gathering some 12,400 producers.


Mr Persais, Director of Candia Lons, states: “The automation of these two new lines allows us to improve our efficiency, quality and safety while increasing our productivity. Despite an adapted deployment to the progressive evolution of the process in several phases, the completion of the installation went without a hitch. BA Systèmes advised us to define our needs while respecting our technical constraints. We enjoyed their listening skills, the speed of implementation and their ability to adapt to changes in the specifications.”


A relevant and efficient automated intralogistics system

Automating inflows and outflows of the new packaging lines aims at improving the productivity of the site but also reducing the risks for operators and damages on loads in an environment in which the vehicles operate in very narrow aisles thus with limited visibility.


Another challenge of this installation was to respect the traceability of pallets switching from a manual system to an automatic one during an installation and commissioning which have been done in different implementation phases to meet the needs of Candia.


BA Systèmes’ automatic guided vehicles supply the production lines with packaging items (boxes, packaging materials) and empty pallets. They also handle the return to stock of begun pallets. Outfeeding the two new lines, the AGV handle the finished products pallets (milk cartons and bottles) towards a wrapping machine or a stacker crane.


BA Systèmes chose counterbalanced AGV (GF) and fork over legs AGV (GL). The GF interfaces with the storage system on a four-level gravity conveyor, the last picking-up level being up to 6 meters.


Another more technical aspect had to be included by BA Systèmes in designing and implementing this solution: the AGVs operate on a tiled flooring and needs to cross diamond shapes.


AGVs are controlled by BA Systèmes’ supervision system, AGV Manager.


“We benefited from an experienced team with a project manager dedicated to the following of the tracks development and the real time integration of the two lines. Operational for a few months, the automated installation of our new production lines meets all our objectives”, Mr. Persais confirms, before adding “The other key asset of our collaboration with BA Systèmes is their financing offer. Indeed, a lease has enabled us to be in a good position to meet the economic constraints of the project.”


With this realization in Lons, Candia also decided to install an AGV fleet to automate its site in Vienne (38).


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