Candia Vienne is the second plant of Candia Group to trust BA Systèmes for the optimization of its intralogistics flows

A fleet of 7 AGVs handles the agrofood logistics of Candia

A fleet of 7 AGVs to meet the site’s reorganization needs

Part of the reorganization of Candia Vienne plant building and internal flows, BA Systèmes has supplied a fleet of 7 powered conveyor AGVs type (CM3) to handle three pallets at the same time. It is the second plant of Candia Group to trust BA Systèmes after Lons plant in 2014.


The AGVs’ mission consists in handling the finished products transfer to dedicated shipment areas:

  • The AGVs supply gravity conveyors with predefined orders set by the supervision software,
  • The finished products pallets are then ready to be loaded in trucks to reach their final destination.


AGV Manager, supervision software, receives via a PLC, missions from Candia warehouse management software. Following the previously configured management rules, AGV Manager sends to the AGVs organized series of missions in order to optimize storage and shipment flows.


Thanks to the Auto-Swap, automated battery changing system patented by BA Systèmes, AGVs are able to replace their battery autonomously. The system guarantees more safety and frees up time for operators. They also have laser guidance for more flexibility in operation, a safe navigation and an accurate positioning.


Project Management, one of BA Systèmes’ strengths

For BA Systèmes, this project requested some specific skills to ensure the passage of the AGVs outside of the building and the cohabitation with a competitor’s AGV system. Therefore, the installation of this second AGV system was carried out in several phases managed by BA Systèmes’ teams without impacting the plant productivity.

Mr VIERNE, Technical Manager for Candia Vienne adds: “We have particularly appreciated BA Systèmes’ project management with a proper monitoring of the prerequisites of the installation and risks management which has been the key to the success of this project. We can notice every day the speed, agility and responsiveness of BA Systèmes’ AGVs that allow the Vienne site to reach high performance.”


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