BA Systèmes supplies La Laiterie de Varennes (LSDH Group) with an AGV fleet

First French packager of ambient and chilled fruit juices, La Laiterie de Saint Denis de l’Hôtel (LSDH) entrusted BA Systèmes with the AGV automation of the finished products transfer to a storage area of its production site in Varennes sur Fouzon

LSDH Group is specialized in the processing and packaging of aseptic or chilled liquid food.


Its plant in Varennes sur Fouzon manufactures more than 130 references with its seven production lines. To increase its production capacity, LSDH needed to automate the transfer of finished products pallets from the end of production lines to a stacker crane.


Michel Brun, new works and technical manager at LSDH testifies “Our AGV project was born early at La Laiterie de Saint Denis de l’Hôtel. In 2008, BA Systèmes has already been identified as a player able who could help us in the automation of the Varennes sur Fouzon site. Over the last years, BA Systèmes has indeed acted as an advisor and expert to LSDH. We thoroughly enjoyed the expertise of its teams in the implementation of our project. After a few months of operation, the automated logistics solution meets all our expectations. Having a project manager as a single contact during the project setting-up and developments was a real bonus.”


An AGV fleet that matches the logistics process from the end of lines to storage

BA Systèmes’ mission was to integrate its intralogistics solution with AGVs in the complete process of the seven production lines including the following steps:

  • Fruit juice manufacturing and milk delivery,
  • Bottle or brick packaging,
  • Packaging,
  • Palletization,
  • Wrapping,
  • Storage in a stacker crane,


At the end of lines, palletized and filmed pallets are handled by the AGVs to be transferred to an automated stacker crane-type warehouse. Their role is to provide flexibility and simplicity, the main conditions for a warehouse successful automation.


The AGVs deployed are two powered conveyor AGV (CM2)  which can handle two pallets simultaneously. For LSDH, both CM2 include chains for handling pallets of different sizes.

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