Sodebo chooses BA Systèmes to automate its production lines

To face the increase in its activities on innovative products, Sodebo decided to automate the flows of its production lines

French leader in the fresh delicatessen market, Sodebo has a single production site in Saint-Georges-de-Montaigu, to produce its entire range of products in France and Europe.


BA Systèmes won the tender thanks to its positioning as assembler-manufacturer of complete logistics solutions.


Sodebo provided with a suitable and efficient industrial tool

Increasing the productivity and safety were the main objectives of this automation project.


BA Systèmes deployed fork over legs AGV type (GL). The GL is an all-electric vehicle – traction, steering and lifting – with an asynchronous motor which guarantees performance and reduced maintenance costs.


The automated vehicles manage the flows of finished goods pallets out the palletizing lines to the wrapping machine, and the flows out the wrapping machine to a buffer stock and to the shipping docks to carry out the automatic loading of trucks. The AGVs also supply the palletizing lines with empty pallets.


Sodebo chose the laser guidance mode proposed by BA Systèmes to other solutions on the market. This mode offers greater flexibility to users, including the setting up of their tracks and requires no ground infrastructure. Also, the system ensures a robust reliability which is essential to industrial activities, especially for agrifood in the production of fresh products.

The safety of operators working around production lines is increased thanks to the safety systems which are integrated in AGVs. Very unstable loads are handled smoothly and accurately by the AGVs; ensuring product integrity during the transfers of non-filmed pallets to the stretch wrapping machine.


The entire logistics system is performed by AGV Manager, optimized control system. AGV Manager was developed by BA Systèmes to ensure the supervision of its AGV installations.


The AGVs deployment was performed during a period of production and planned in a way that it did not generate any disturbance. This efficient logistics application allows Sodebo to be more efficient in a safer environment.

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