You have the most important workflow of industry. Your system has to offer optimal reliability of your bottling lines

The high flow rates of the beverage industry require a flow automation that suits the requirement of the logistical constraints of your bottling lines both in terms of response time and reliability.


solutionsOUR solutions

Optimize your production lines

  • System and AGV availability: no problem of supply or discharge, you do not suffer from production shutdowns.
  • Even over long distances, our AGVs provide packaging items just in time. There is no more excess stocks in lines-side and your packaging materials stock is optimized.


Improve your stock management

  • The automation of the procurement and storage process allows you to optimize your storage capacity via a centralized intelligent system while adapting to the constraints of shipments during peak of activity periods


Control your shipments

  • Our systems provide you with a fine and optimal stock management along with the capability to prepare efficiently shipments even at the last minute. Combining smoothed flow of preparations and responsiveness, shipments are prepared in time, reducing waiting times on docks.


Gain in safety

  • The control and movement precision of our AGVs and their regulated speed allows them to carry often heavy loads while preserving their integrity.



bénéficesyour benefits

  • No interruption of production,
  • Yield enhancement,
  • System responsiveness to ensure high flow rates and shipment preparations in time.


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