Logistics / Distribution

Logistics industry is undergoing shorter and shorter deadlines and increasing costs pressure. You need a flexible and efficient system

Warehouses and logistics centers are now subject to the same constraints as manufacturing plants for very high flow rates. Automating your flows ensures the preparation of orders in time while optimizing transfers and overall management of your internal logistics.


solutionsOUR solutions

A flexible system to deal with a variable activity

  • Flexible, adaptable and responsive solutions, ensured when launching shipments but which can also deal with last minute changes and peaks of activity.


An accurate processing of orders

  • Our AGVs handle the right pallet at the right place and at the right time without compromising its integrity.


A complete information

  • Total traceability, precise and rigorous processing of orders and shipments.


Control and robustness

  • A system you have full control over and that you can supervise in operation and manage its effectiveness in real time.



  • A secure environment for your site, your loads and operators.



bénéficesyour benefits

  • Optimal flows performance for increased productivity and profitability,
  • Optimization of stock management and storage capacity,
  • Flexibility and scalability of the system.


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