L’Oréal Essigny logistics center automates and secures its activities with BA Systèmes

The logistics center of Essigny (CLOÉ) has integrated an AGV solution to automate the delivery of finished products pallets to a storage area and their transfer to the shipping docks

From the logistics center of Essigny, are shipped throughout France and worldwide, aerosol pallets coming from two production plants. The pallets are received 5 days out of 7. The logistics center offers a storage capacity of more than 20,000 locations on three different stocks (two dedicated to domestic shipments, one to the international).


The GLR fleet, Reach truck AGVs, has the mission to store and prepare international shipments.


Site safety and specificity of loads handled played a key role in the choice of AGVs. Indeed, pallets require specific safety measures due to the flammable nature of products and require great flexibility in their transfers. As the fire risk is real, loads must be preserved from all risks of falls or damages.


AGVs are controlled by the supervision software, AGV Manager, developed by BA Systèmes. The latter interfaces with the site WMS (Warehouse Managment Software) and assigns the tasks to the AGV fleet (prioritization of missions, scheduling orders, pallets to be stored or shipped, etc.).


L’Oréal CLOÉ was seduced by the intralogistics solution with AGVs and the following automation benefits

  • A fast return on investment,
  • Efficiency and productivity gains thanks to the automated process,
  • A better management of activity peaks (AGVs in operation at night to smooth the activity),
  • An answer to an environmental challenge (stock management by the AGVs reduces energy costs (electricity & heating).


AGVs to optimize safe transfers of finished products pallets

BA Systèmes designed an automation process taking into account the specificities of L’Oréal CLOÉ logistics center which were:

  • Handling in a very narrow aisle stock,
  • Optimizing storage capacities,
  • Guaranteeing the responsiveness of the system at shipments launching.


BA Systèmes chose reach truck AGVs (GLR). Ultra-compact AGV, its retractable mast offers a small footprint and can operate easily in narrow aisles and adapt to the storage capacity optimization needs. With the precision of these AGVs, pallets can be stored safely up to 7 meters.


Thanks to the Auto-Swap, automated battery changing system patented by BA Systèmes, AGVs are able to replace their battery autonomously. The system guarantees more security and frees up time for operators. They also have laser guidance for more flexibility in operation, a safe navigation and an accurate positioning.


After having equipped the world leader in beauty with a first system of 20 AGVs on Faprogi production site, BA Systèmes once again demonstrates its ability to adapt to a complex environment and to different types of projects.


BA Systèmes has already deployed its logistics solutions on eight sites of L’Oréal Group in France and in Europe.

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