STEF modernizes and renews its AGV fleet with BA Systèmes

STEF logistics platform in Montsoult is the largest frozen logistics site in France

STEF is the European specialist of cold-chain logistics.


Since 1996, STEF Logistics center in Montsoult has been equipped with a BA Systèmes’ AGV solution. To improve its industrial process, STEF has decided to modernize its AGV fleet and be provided with the latest technological advances (laser technologies improving guidance accuracy and operations safety).


STEF Logistics Montsoult has renewed his trust in BA Systèmes in ordering a new fleet composed of 5 AGVs operating in negative temperatures (-25 ° C).


A fleet designed for demanding flow rates

The powered conveyor type of AGVs (CM4) are responsible for handling pallets of frozen products coming from different production sites, to store them before the rescheduling for shipments. AGVs support connections between the receiving conveyors and storage areas and from storage to conveyors for preparing and shipping orders. The CM4 provides the ability to handle 4 pallets at once, allowing them to perform important flow rates.


New technologies such as laser-guidance and safety systems by laser sheet helped increasing the performance of the fleet and the flexibility of the site while ensuring operators safety.


The AGVs are radio-controlled (via WiFi) by AGV Manager supervision software, developed by BA Systèmes. AGV Manager interfaces with a WMS, PLC, etc. These systems issue requirements (supplying or removing loads) that the supervision software converts into missions. All the system intelligence is supported by AGV Manager, which, with its real-time knowledge of the AGVs position, assigns them appropriate missions, while integrating the processes logistical constraints.


François Recher, logistics project manager at STEF, says: “The solution developed by BA Systèmes allowed us to replace gradually the old fleet of AGVs and ensure the on-going automatic operation of our flows without hampering or delaying the shipments. In addition, customer since 1996, we know the reliability and responsiveness of BA Systèmes’ teams and have been able to appreciate the longevity of their AGVs.”

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