Système U / U Log automates its logistics platforms

In 2013, Système U Ouest wanted to install a pilot site to validate the advantages of an AGV system

The first installation has been carried out on Les Herbiers site. This is a fleet of GL 10.1, the most compact AGV of its range at that time, which has been deployed to manage routing pallets tasks (transfer from one platform to another).


The AGVs transfer pallets from buffer zones to different shipping docks in cohabitation with hand trucks.


This AGV fleet has demonstrated the importance of automation in the rolling function that is to say carrying a load from a point A to a point B. With the AGVs, Système U Ouest has been able to focus its resources on higher added value tasks.


Pierre-Yves Gaillard, Engineering Project Manager for Système U Ouest explains: “The establishment of an AGV system to manage the docking of our pallets avoids our operators to travel long distances, which are particularly disadvantageous when they return empty. The implementation of this new system has already proved its efficiency and promises a quick return on investment.”


An AGV tailored to the needs of logistics platforms

This pilot site has allowed BA Systèmes to work with Système U Ouest on the development of a new product tailored to the specific needs of logistics platforms: the GL 8.1.


Several fleet of this new AGV has been deployed since, on new platforms of the group, in Nantes (44), Trélazé (49), Ploufragan (22), Carquefou (88), Savigny-en-Véron (37) to handle similar functions.

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