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You are looking for flexible and efficient systems that meet economic requirements? Our AGV solutions optimize the flows of your industry processes and your internal logistics

Our AGV systems meet the requirements of the most demanding sectors, whether in terms of flows, safety or type of loads to handle. Because your requirements are unique, we put our knowledge of the major industries and our overall logistics expertise at your service. By adopting a personalized approach that addresses your specific needs, BA Systèmes is the partner of your performance.


solutionsOUR solutions

Optimize your flows

  • The integration of our systems in your hardware and software environment.
  • A high level of service with a just-in-time management and a 7/7, 24hr/24 availability.


Control and secure your production environment

  • An optimal management of your high-value products.
  • Our systems help reducing tough repetitive tasks in often harsh environments in terms of safety or temperature.


Be supplied with reliable equipment over time

  • The control of your loads transport ensures consistency and continuity in service and quality.
  • Our AGVs have an average lifetime of 45,000 hours of operation depending on use.


Save money

  • Reducing internal operating and maintenance costs.
  • Reducing maintenance costs of your sites.
  • A fast return on investment.


Provide your site with a customized solution

  • A scalable solution tailored to your requirements for increased productivity and reliability.



bénéficesyour benefits

  • Reduction of the production costs,
  • Improved quality and safety of operations,
  • Better traceability.


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