Playing in a highly competitive industry, you work in just-in-time and your production means require a great technicality, as, for example, in paper reels handling

BA Systèmes offers comprehensive and specific solutions to the printing, paper and processing industries. Accuracy, reliability and reduced logistics costs are guaranteed by our systems.


solutionsOUR solutions

Have reliable and safe process

  • Our AGVs safely carry your loads, even of different types and gauges thanks to an accurate navigation.
  • Your production site, your operators and your loads are safe.


Increase productivity

  • Optimizing your internal flows allows you to increase your production capacity.
  • Our solutions are scalable and flexible.
  • To supply your process or prepare shipments, your loads still arrive in due time and without damage.


Optimize your stock management

  • We can help you integrate the internal management of your stock and improve your responsiveness.
  • Our systems provide real-time traceability of your product flows and stock.


Be provided with tailored software solutions

  • Our solutions interface with your IT system and equipment already in operation (ERP, WMS, CAM, rotary).
  • We can also provide you with a WMS that will suit your needs and constraints.


bénéfices your benefits

  • Flows optimization,
  • Guaranteed safety of your goods and staff,
  • Fast return on investment.


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