MACtac optimizes the internal flows of its Soignies plant with BA Systèmes’ AGVs

MACtac chose BA Systèmes to replace a competitor’s AGV fleet in its factory of Soignies in Belgium

MACtac (Morgan Adhesives Company) is the industry of adhesives and adhesives films leader with production and distribution sites all over the world.


BA Systèmes offered a customized solution to optimize the internal flows of MACtac site that produces 300 millions m/sq of adhesives and adhesive films each year.


Four AGVs manage the plastic reels stock and supply the coating lines

This automated logistics installation offers many advantages to MACtac:

  • Reducing the production cost,
  • Improving the operations quality,
  • Ensuring better traceability,
  • Guaranteeing a safe environment for all employers of Soignes plant.


Three vehicles have been specifically designed to manage the storage and transport of reels. From about 2 tons each, these PVC reels can be automatically stored up to a 6 meter height.


They are transferred from the storage area to the coating lines (the coating being the process to treat the paper reels in covering them with various products, for example, glue for adhesives).The fourth AGV is a GLE (outrigger type AGV) and transfer the tanks and waste bins.


All the AGVs are equipped with the automated battery changing system patented by BA Systèmes: the Auto-Swap. With this functionality, AGVs are able to replace their battery autonomously. This option increases the self-sufficiency of MACtac’s AGVs. Thanks to the Auto-Swap system, battery replacement stations can be dispersed in the production plant, avoiding cumbersome maintenance areas.


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