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You want to bring more flexibility and performance to your production lines while maintaining a high level of quality and eliminate the risk of error?

BA Systèmes’ solutions are developed upon a thorough understanding of your process constraints. Our control system provides traceability and adaptability to the variability and scalability of your activity according to your industry specifications.


solutionsour solutions

Increase the flexibility and performance of your lines

  • The availability of the logistics system to improve the production yield
  • Process control with a just-in-time production units supply and shipment preparation
  • The system adaptability to the variability of your activity (volumes, ranges) and the scalability of your production patterns
  • Tools allow you to visualize in real time your AGV installation, monitor and analyze the performance through indicators (KPI) tailored to your industry for continuous improvement of your process.


Ensure traceability

  • A continuous control of production and of your products identity at every stages of your production process
  • Real-time or afterwards access to the location of your products and to the monitoring of their movement through appropriate tools


Secure your environment and your loads

  • Our equipment meets the current safety standards. We are involved in the drafting of these standards.
  • Your products have often a high value or raw materials can be fragile at handling: our AGV systems support them with the utmost precision to ensure their integrity during transport.

    Movement control, hardware and software safety systems of our AGVs preserve your loads, your environment and your operators.



bénéficesyour benefits

  • Improved productivity,
  • Improved safety,
  • Improved traceability.


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