New AGV system for Fareva Amboise pharmaceutical production site

In the pharmaceutical sector, traceability is essential and error is not possible. Added to this, a 24/24, 5 days/week activity, automation ensures safe supply of production units

In 1997, BA Systèmes commissioned the 1st AGV system (with Fork over legs AGVs type – GL) on the production site of Pfizer in Amboise. Since, the company became a pioneer in automating workflow.


17 years later, the factory, henceforth into the hands of Fareva Group (international contractor in the Industrial & Appliances, Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals industries), renewed its trust in BA Systèmes to upgrade its logistics facility and acquire the latest technological developments.


Fareva Amboise is specialized in the manufacturing and packaging of drugs for human and animal health. The manufactured products come under a dry form (tablets, capsules, powders for oral suspensions) or an injectable one (ampoules, vials). Each year, more than 66 million units are packaged under 1700 references.


High value-added innovative AGVs

BA Systèmes deployed a fleet of fork over legs AGVs type – GL10.1. The GL 10.1 is a compact and all-electric AGV, with an asynchronous motor which guarantees performance and reduced maintenance costs. Some assets that allow the AGVs to operate in narrow areas and corridors.


Equipped with powerful safety systems, AGVs coexist safely with operators – a critical issue in the development of customer specifications.


The GL10.1 fleet manages the supply of production units in packaging items (components, manuals, packaging…) and active ingredients from the high-bay warehouse (TK) of the logistics unit. It also provides the returns to the TK of stock lots from the production unit. Between those two units, the AGVs interface with nearly 200 pick-up and drop-off points.

This new solution offered to Fareva Amboise real improvements in performance, especially in terms of responsiveness thanks both to the control system and the characteristics of the AGVs.


AGVs are controlled through the supervision software, AGV Manager, developed by BA Systèmes. All the system intelligence is supported by this software, which, with its real-time knowledge of the AGVs position, assigns them appropriate missions, while integrating the processes logistical constraints.


The AGV system offers to Fareva great operating flexibility: the time to prepare the orders is reduced, which allows the modulation of the production orders and rearrange them at the last minute if needed. To meet a need for a strong traceability, AGVs are equipped with embedded bar code readers. These new generation of AGVs also requires very little maintenance.

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