Two AGV projects at L’Oréal Faprogi factory

BA Systèmes deployed a fleet of AGVs to automate and optimize the cosmetics logistics of L’Oréal

The factory of L’Oréal, whose activity is to manufacture, package and market cosmetics, placed successively two orders to BA Systèmes for the automation and optimization of the weighing and shipment activities of its factory in Rambouillet.


Weighing unit: optimizing the raw materials flows

The objective of the first project was to feed in an optimal and safe way the manufacturing area from the weighing stations. BA Systèmes proposed a solution for the automatic supply of raw materials flows.


The AGVs deployed are fork over legs (GL) and are dedicated to full pallets out feeding from weighing stations to a storage area. They also feed the weighing stations in empty containers and proceed automatically to the return of empty pallets and containers.


Equipped with laser guidance, the AGVs are moving at high speed and have optical laser safety systems. AGVs can operate and cohabite safely with forklift drivers and operators.


Optimizing the shipment flows

This second project consisted in preparing false trucks on the ground (marshalling) for shipments preparation. This step is provided in the case of a deferred loading. Once the truck arrives, it can be quickly loaded with a forklift or a hand pallet truck.


AGVs handle the finished products pallets out the wrapping machine to supply the ground drop-off bases with the possibility of a buffer area when all preparations are complete. BA Systèmes chose counterbalanced AGVs (GF) to ensure the proper functioning of this logistics solution and which are particularly suited for:

  • All types of pallets,
  • Bulk storage,
  • Ground pick-up/drop-off.


BA Systèmes also integrated to its logistics plan the AGV Manager control system.


The benefits for the site of L’Oréal Rambouillet are numerous:

  • Improving the quality of operations after the automation,

  • Better traceability,

  • Increased safety,

  • Improved economic performance.

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