Paul Hartmann entrust BA Systèmes for its first pharmaceutical logistics facility

BA Systèmes automated and optimized Paul Hartmann production site in Liepvre

Paul Hartmann company called on BA Systèmes for the first time to automate and optimize its production site in Liepvre.


BA Systèmes has adapted to the demands of this leading company in its operating market (Paul Hartmann is a specialist in single-use medical supplies for hospitals, nursing homes and drug stores) to develop a customized and efficient solution.


Paul Hartmann includes AGVs into its logistical application

The objective of this new project focused on optimizing the management and transfer of pallets on Liepvre production site and thus meeting the ongoing challenge of the company’s employees to increase their performance.


BA Systèmes deployed fork over legs AGVs type (GL) to ensure a proper operating and scalable logistics solution.


The laser guidance technology was chosen for its great flexibility, providing Paul Hartmann’s collaborators with a more effective and efficient production tool.

AGVs’ characteristics:


BA Systèmes’ solution and AGV fleet offers many advantages to Paul Hartmann site

  • Safety,
  • Increased productivity,
  • Better traceability,
  • Flows optimization.

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