Innovation & Partnership

BA Systèmes, technology partner for industrial innovation

Innovation is a core component of the development strategy pursued by BA Systèmes.


A number of partnerships have been concluded for many years to carry out several projects with research organizations (IRT Jules Verne, CEA List, etc.) or with universities (INSA, ENS Cachan, etc.).


Starting in 2007, the company launched its first RID projects (Research, Innovation and Development) believing in the strength of sharing skills and expertise with universities, research centers or large industrial groups.


This approach, called Open Innovation, creates a real dynamism in the development of technologies for industrial applications. A winning bet for BA Systèmes and its partners, but especially our AGV customers who are the first to benefit from the latest technological developments.


solutionsOpen Innovation: What is it? What for?

Open Innovation is a practice based on collaboration: integrating external resources to develop and market new products faster. It involves developing partnerships to maximize access to a range of knowledge that can generate new products and improve existing products.


Studies have recorded performance improvements within the companies engaged in this type of collaborative projects. Open Innovation constitutes a competitive advantage for the company due to the considerable time saving it implies in terms of productivity. It pools the expertise of each partner and dilutes the risks associated with research funding.



BA Systèmes is authorized as a research organization by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research and gives its partner companies the benefit of the research tax credit (CIR).

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