BA Systèmes receives the 2014 IERA AWARD for its innovations in industrial robotics

Published on 7 August 2014

BA Systèmes received the IERA Award during the IEEE/IFR joint forum on innovation and entrepreneurship in robotics and automation held this summer in Shanghai.


BA Systèmes reçoit l'IERA Award 2014

BA Systèmes: the 2nd French company to receive the IERA Award

This international prize is awarded jointly by the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society and the IFR (International Federation of Robotics). The 2014 prize was awarded to BA Systèmes in recognition of its know-how in robotics and its capacity to innovate.

The international jury of distinguished individuals from industry and academia rewarded BA Systèmes for its ability to nurture an idea in the field of robotics and develop it into a viable commercial product. Indeed, since the end of the 2000s, BA Systèmes has applied a new approach, called “Open Innovation” to the development of products in the field in which it has acquired a wealth of expertise. New products are developed through working with individual and companies from different backgrounds and fields of work. It is precisely this approach which appealed to the evaluation committee, in addition to the company’s ability to work collaboratively with end users (BOUYGUES, GE Healthcare, AIRBUS) and with research partners (CEA List, IRCCyN, IRT Jules Verne, European universities).


A SME from Brittany takes its place alongside the leaders in international robotics

BA Systèmes adds its name to the list of winners of the IERA Award, which includes the French firm Aldebaran Robotics (for its NAO humanoid robot in 2011), the American corporation I-Robot (for its vacuuming robot, Roomba Discovery, in 2005) and the Danish company, Universal Robotics, which won the 2012 prize for its UR-5, a flexible robot arm.


Expertise in Robotics in numerous industrial fields

 BA Systèmes’ robotics business focusses on specifying, designing and producing mobile robots. The prime example of this know-how is the design and production of the mobile base embedded in the DISCOVERY IGS 730, developed in partnership with the US-based health giant, GENERAL ELECTRIC HEALTHCARE.


Also in the healthcare sector, ROBO-K, was a research project that was developed into a mobile robot that helps practitioners teach people how to regain the ability to walk. In the industrial sector, ROBY, developed with Bouygues Travaux Publics, combines a robot arm with a new mobile base designed by BA Systèmes. This combination produces a robotic system suited to performing difficult work, such as drilling or hammering walls. Bouygues has been using this system for two years now on its larger construction sites.  Finally, in the automobile sector, the STAMINA project helps production personnel perform order preparation tasks, remove items from pallets, or prepare kits. BA Systèmes, PSA and 5 other European partners are working on this project.


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