ROBO-K demonstrator arrives in Kerpape!

Published on 24 September 2015

The team of Kerpape welcomed with enthusiasm the robot for its first -Mecanum- spins in the rehabilitation centre.

Patients and caregivers stopped by the impressive machine to ask questions about its functioning. They all demonstrated acute curiosity… which bodes well for the acceptability study that is about to begin now and will allow the patients to try the device next month.



The robot began with a tour of its environment in order to map it. Those maps will allow the practitioners to program trajectories on which the patient will work by his own. We are all very proud of this much awaited arrival which is a three-year work milestone for the entire ROBO-K team. This is certainly not the beginning of the end but the end of the beginning, and we look forward to the first users’ feedbacks, whether they are practitioners or patients.


The second demonstrator will be delivered next week in the functional rehabilitation department of Rennes University Hospital.


Delivery of ROBO-K demonstrator to Kerpape CMRRF in video

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