The Papeteries of Clairefontaine renew their confidence in BA Systèmes

Published on 20 October 2015

This is a fleet of 17 AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) which operates since 2009 at the Papeteries of Clairefontaine in Étival to carefully transport this fragile material the paper is. In 2016, the fleet will be about 30 AGV.


Which French student has never written on some Clairefontaine paper during his schooling?

BA Systèmes was proud to work for the first time in 2009 with this great name which now belongs to the French popular culture. The famous paper manufacturer produces nearly 170,000 tons of paper per year, or 500 tons per day on its historic site of Étival-Clairefontaine.


Further to an evolution in the site commerciality, the whole intralogistics system should then be redesigned in order to deal with the saturation of their storage area and to continue ensuring safety and productivity, in a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week activity environment.



For this first project in 2009, BA Systèmes responded to a request for an overall modernization of the production tool. BA Systèmes deployed a tailored solution for the automation of handling and storage without stopping the production and shipments. The intralogistics solution included the installation of two automated warehouses, 10 outriggers AGV, 5 powered conveyors AGV, two tri-directional AGV, all supervised by the “AGV Manager” control system for the management and optimization of all physical and logical flows.

The logistical equipment ensures the rate for all production and shipping flows and allows the site to be more responsive, to improve flow and deliver orders on D+1 while guaranteeing the multi-format loads integrity.


In the paper industry, it is essential that the transport of such fragile loads is fast and efficient. The AGV system, which BA Systèmes deployed at Clairefontaine and for other paper industry players, is very accurate and ensures that loads are not damaged during transport.



Today, the Papeteries of Clairefontaine call on BA Systèmes again to increase the storage capacity of their site. The project will thus extend the workflow automation already managed by the AGV fleet of outriggers (production, shipping, workshops inter-connections), the addition of two new automated warehouses; for the storage of format pallets and reels.

With BA Systèmes, Clairefontaine has benefited from a complete logistics expertise for the analysis of the installation evolution. At the end of this second project, the site will be equipped with 31 outriggers AGV (GL), powered conveyors (CM), tri-directional and counterbalanced AGV (GFS). The implementation is scheduled in 2016.


“We are proud of the confidence the Papeteries of Clairefontaine have shown us in calling on our services again to support them in their development projects. We have implemented a first performant solution more than 5 years ago and we take back the paper and pencil to work on new way to increase the Papeteries of Clairefontaine performance and productivity”, says Jean-Luc Thomé, Chairman of BA Systèmes Group.


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