Watch in video “What supply chain for 2020?” great debate

Published on 22 December 2016

Jean-Luc Thomé, president of BA Systèmes, participated on November 16th, to the Great Debate of ALL4PACK Paris 2016 tradefair.


Under the theme “What supply chain for 2020?, this great debate tackles the issues raised by the Industry of the future.

Central government, regional councils and trade bodies have seized on the subject of what the future holds.


This would appear obvious. Clients wish acquire equipment to improve their productivity while obtaining the quickest possible return on investment to become more competitive than their rivals. Manufacturers of capital handling goods have an innovative offering in products and systems but also a service offering which remains close to their clients’ needs throughout the asset’s life cycle. As client demands increase, so does the need for advising the client. The service offering becomes general: flexibility and modularity become central issues, because the end customer wants an increasingly effective response to their demand in terms of quality and timeframe. Manufacturers need to gain a better understanding of their clients’ needs, medium term projects, openness to the logistics of the future, an essential link in the industry of the future which will be required to contain a significant element of CSR (corporate social responsibility).


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