24st French Robotics Cup

Published on 21 March 2017

As a partner of the French Robotics Cup, BA Robotic Systems Group also supports two teams competing in this unique event in Europe to be held during the ascension weekend.


BA Systèmes Coupe de France de Robotique

The French Robotics Cup is a fun, scientific and technical challenge of amateur robotics for teams of young robotics enthusiasts. Participants must design and realize an autonomous robot complying with the rules, the spirit of the meeting and which can compete in 90-second matches.


With over 1200 participants, this event is the largest European event gathering engineering students and young people and highlighting the French expertise in robotics and innovation.


The French Robotics Cup in a few words :

    • BA Systèmes Coupe de France de RobotiqueOver 200 teams,
    • 8 months of team preparation,
    • Over 1200 participants,
    • Over 500 matches,
    • 4 days of shows and robotic animations for the general public and professionals.


Under the theme of “Moon Village”, the teams will have to program robots to conquer the moon and perform a number of tasks:

  • Gathering minerals and lunar modules,
  • Building a lunar base,
  • Launch a spacecraft.


Innovate between robotics enthusiasts

BA Robotic Systems Group and BA Systèmes, which have been following this event for many years, support the ARD and Atlantronic teams, composed in part of employees.


BA Robotic Systems Group builds on its long-standing commitment to open innovation and collaboration to federate robotics enthusiasts and celebrate common values with the Cup: enthusiasm, sharing and collective performance.


Save the date

25-28 May 2017
Exhibition Center Les Oudairies, La Roche-Sur-Yon (France)


More about the French Robotics Cup

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