A mobile robot for gait training at Innorobo

Published on 25 April 2017

BA Systèmes will present FORWARD, a mobile gait training robot, at the next Innorobo trade show that will take place from May 16 to 18 at the Docks de Paris.


Robot mobile de rééducation de la marche

Stemming from Robo-K, an autonomous gait training robot, FORWARD offers a real opportunity to rehabilitate the walk easily, safely and autonomously.


BA Healthcare, sister company of BA Systèmes, provides the medical world with safe and innovative solutions for rehabilitation and autonomy, with a constant care for the well-being and fast recovery of the patients.


With FORWARD, the patient can evolve safely and autonomously. The robot prevents him from falling and guides him through the rehabilitation center or within a residency. The physiotherapist can focus only on motivating the patient and on his progress rather than supporting its weight. Specifically designed for walk rehabilitation after a stroke, the robot is a decisive help to get patients walk as early as possible and as much as possible.


Discover Forward at Innorobo,
Pullman Dock, booth S02


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