BA Systèmes obtains the “Observeur du Design 2018” label

Published on 27 July 2017

Organized by the APCI (French Agency for the Promotion of Industrial Creation) since 1999, the Observeur du design is a design award that honors the most innovative creations of companies and designers.



Label chariot autonome BA Systèmes

Supported by Dici Design agency , BA Systèmes presented its future automated guided vehicle (AGV) at the Observeur du Design competition and won the Label allowing the company to compete for the prize. The label is a recognition of BA Systèmes’ design and innovation approach.



The most remarkable realization will then be awarded by a jury composed of design professionals and experts. The award ceremony will take place on December 5, 2017 at the Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris, France).


The Observeur du design is recognized and supported by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Ministry of Culture and Communication in France and by the WDO abroad (World Design Organization, formerly ICSID – International Council of Societies of Industrial Design).

The design Observeur reflects good design practices, raises awareness to the fact that design is a key differentiator and a source of proposals for the future.


Design for industry and automated handling, a winning bet?


Beyond asserting the identity of the company and symbolizing its values, associating design in the early stages of the product design helped to highlight the intrinsic characteristics of the future BA Systèmes’ AGV: performance, robustness, safety and adaptability while enhancing the future acceptability of the device in environments in cohabitation with humans.


Unlike industry, the field of service robotics has long integrated that a product design greatly participated in the robots’ acceptability. In environments where “men” and “robots” coexist, BA Systèmes has long been working on the social acceptability of these solutions, placing at the heart of its approach the human and the understanding of the environments in which automated guided vehicle operates.




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