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Published on 29 August 2017

Funded by the European Union within the H2020 program, COROMA project proposes to develop a cognitively enhanced robot that can execute multiple tasks for the manufacturing of metal and composite parts. COROMA will therefore provide the flexibility that European metalworking and advanced material manufacturing companies require to compete in the rapidly evolving global market.


BA Systèmes, talks about the R&D project COROMA for the Factory of the Future.



Coroma Factory of the Future project



Why did you decide to be part of the consortium of COROMA project?

BA Systèmes designs, manufactures, installs and maintains AGV systems for many customers in various activity sectors. AGV solutions are composed of automated guided vehicles driven by a fleet management system. The main goal of the company is to introduce a mobile robot solution in the framework of the Factory of the Future (FoF). Obviously, such innovative system requires the know-how of various high-skilled partners. Thus, COROMA project was the perfect opportunity to develop such product to answer new needs and industrial uses.


What is CORO-MOB?

CORO-MOB is the module bringing mobility to the robotic system for manufacturing of large metal or composite parts. Basically, CORO-MOB is based on an industrial AGV specifically modified/adapted to answer COROMA use-case. On top of the integration of a 6 axis robotic system, an autonomous navigation based on a new localization system will be developed in the COROMA project. The main goal is to make the system as flexible as possible to address several use-cases and to limit the infrastructure constraints. The other modules such as CORO-SAFE will be closely linked to the AGV and integrated to provide a full solution.


What is the work carried out by BA Systèmes/BENETEAU in the COROMA project?

BA Systèmes will design, manufacture and install a tailor-made AGV according to the specifications of BENETEAU. BA Systèmes will develop a state-of-the-art navigation tool. BENETEAU provides extended knowledge of the manufacturing needs and process constraints as well as representative environment for a demonstration.

In addition, BA Systèmes leads the exploitation work package which tasks deal with innovation marketing and standardization (DIN).


Benefits and advantages of the implementation of CORO-MOB

CORO-MOB will manage processes dedicated to large parts such as the sanding of boats’ hulls molds. The AGV will provide a safety set, the energy to the different embedded equipment (adapted to the production constraints) and the lifting function to guarantee the workspace coverage.


Which results do you expect from COROMA project?

The expected outcomes of the project for BA Systèmes concerns corporate strategy, technologies, business and society.

  • Strategy: long-term partnerships with labs, research centers and industrial partners,
  • Technologies: increase the knowledge of the company in mechatronics and robot integration,
  • Business: pave the way for a new product and approaching potential clients,
  • Society: increase the competitiveness of the European industry and improve the operators’ working conditions.



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