How mobile robotics makes it possible to build a house in 3D printing

Published on 15 September 2017

The first house built by 3D printing started this week in Nantes (France). This first is made possible thanks to a BA Systèmes AGV





BatiPrint3DTM, a state-of-the-art technology for an innovative robotic process


Batiprint3D, project patented by the University of Nantes, aims at building more rapidly and affordable housing.


Since September 11, Yhnova (name chosen for the demonstrator in Nantes) is working to realize the first house printed in 3D. The construction site can be seen at 52 rue du croissant in Nantes on Saturday 09.16.2017.


The technology used consists of 3 layers of material deposited by a polyarticulated industrial robot: two layers of expansive sealing foam which shape a formwork for a third layer of concrete. Once the wall elevation is finished, the foam remains insulating the habitation without thermal bridge.


The trajectories of the robot are guided by a laser sensor, based on the digital model of the habitat, directly on the slab. Positioned on a BA Systèmes AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle), it is suited to the external environmental constraints of the construction site, and stable in order to obtain a controlled injection of the material. At the end of the operation, the mobile robot exits through an opening provided for the installation of the joineries. It can then be transported to another site and begin new constructions.



Some economic and environmental assets


This process will reduce construction time, improve thermal insulation, as well as reduce the operating costs of construction. The use of an AGV, mobile robotic system, allows to rethink the working methods in the field of construction, which, as in industry, are a necessity to reduce the drudgery of work and limit the positions at risk or generating MSDs (Musculoskeletal Disorders).


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