Discover the future innovative AGV of BA Systèmes

Published on 11 December 2017

The 19th edition of the “Observeur du Design” unveils the future innovative AGV of BA Systèmes


As announced in July, BA Systèmes has obtained the label of “Observeur du Design 2018” organized by the APCI (French Agency for the Promotion of Industrial Creation) for its future AGV.


The labels and the winners were unveiled at the awards ceremony on December 5 at Georges Pompidou Center in Paris.


Designing an innovative AGV

BA Systèmes's GF2

The label rewards a specific approach of design and innovation. In collaboration with Dici Design, BA Systèmes has developed a new AGV with innovative ergonomics designed to favour its acceptability.


GF2 embodies the identity and values of BA Systèmes. Its compactness and design will enable the AGV to integrate easily into the heart of production processes while highlighting the intrinsic characteristics of the robot: performance, safety and innovation.


The “Observeur du design”, the only French international design prize, wants to demunstrate how design contributes in creating value.


This competition promises to be a “guarantee of a responsible and user-centered design approach. It is an illustration of the French conception of design, linked to the art of living, a combination of creativity and technical performance.”


Join us in March on Intralogistics trade fair to discover this “iron robot in a velvet glove”.




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