BA Systèmes announces the launching of a new high performance AGV

Published on 20 February 2018

To continue better serve the needs of its customers, especially facing the new challenges of a smart, connected and high performance industry, BA Systèmes is launching a new AGV dedicated to high production rates environments.


Called GF2, this latest AGV in BA Systèmes’ range addresses the particular needs for high production rates in the food industry and more specifically in the bottling market.


The GF2 is a state-of-the-art Automated Guided Vehicle which benefits from the reliability and long-term expertise of BA Systèmes in automated material handling and storage. BA Systèmes’ team has been developing over the last months this new AGV with a special care and focus on high performance, ergonomics, safety and easy integration of the device in its future work environment.


A more efficient, safer and modular AGV

AGV haute performance
The GF2 has been designed on a modular base, a first of its kind, to adapt easily to several industrial applications and manage:

  •  Horizontal transfer and pick-up/drop-off on the floor, on conveyors,
  • Bulk storage.


The GF2 has also been designed for American automatic trailer loading with major assets like its compactness and a very small footprint.


High performance AGV, the GF2 optimizes pallet transport and answers the needs for high flow rates as it can handle one or two loads simultaneously, side by side.


Like other AGVs in BA Systèmes’ range, the GF2 is one of the speediest AGV in the market as it can cover 2 m/s.


Choosing the GF2 for BA Systèmes’ customer will be the promise of high volume transport from production lines to warehousing or shipment.


Compact but nonetheless robust and very strong, the GF2 also features a very high safety. Provided with 360-degree front, rear and lateral safety equipment that adapts to the kind of loads the AGV carries, the GF2 can evolve efficiently and safely within the industrial working environment in cohabitation with operators.


If the operator comes closer from the AGV, he can discover the new intuitive GUI that will provided for the first time and improved ergonomics that will ease vehicle service and maintenance.



An innovative design for easy integration within the production process

In environments where “men” and “robots” coexist, BA Systèmes has long been working on the social acceptability of these solutions, placing at the heart of its approach the human and the understanding of the environments in which automated guided vehicle operates. That is why BA Systèmes has developed in collaboration with a design agency, new innovative ergonomics designed to enhance the future acceptability of the GF2 in environments in cohabitation with humans.


The GF2 carries the identity and values of BA Systèmes; the color and shape recall BA Systèmes’ range and thus its know-how, its curves give the appearance of solidity but are reassuring at the same time, etc.

The AGV is willingly not high for the operators to be able to see above it and feel more at ease with an AGV capable of handling twin loads. Its compactness and design enable the AGV to integrate easily into the heart of production processes while highlighting the intrinsic characteristics of the robot: performance, safety and innovation.


Label chariot autonome BA SystèmesThe “Observeur du design”, the only French international design prize granted the label of “Observeur du Design 2018” to the GF2, in recognition of the added-value brought by the design to the product.


Laurent Depont, Sales Director at BA Systèmes, declares: “We are fully committed to our customers’ satisfaction and constantly look for possibilities to improve productivity and working conditions in their plants. Especially agri-food and beverage are highly competitive industries in which performance and reliability demands are increasing all the time. Our AGV-based solutions not only offer a serious productivity increase, but at the same time our systems substantially improve safety and working conditions. We are proud to provide innovative, flexible and future-proof solutions.”


With the development of the GF2, BA Systèmes follows the same approach as the Analyzers by BA (analysis and diagnostic software tool to optimize the performance of the intralogistics process) in putting its customers’ performance as a central focus. Indeed, with the GF2, BA Systèmes has taken a new step in providing the agri-food industry with high performance material handling automation.


GF2 will be presented on BA Systèmes’ booth at Intralogistics 2018, Hall 6 stand M71, from March 20 to 23, in Paris Nord Villepinte and at CEMAT 2018, Hall 21 stand C24, from April 23 to 27, in Hanover (Germany).




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