Discover in video the GF2, AGV for the food and beverage industry

Published on 16 May 2018

Many of you have come to meet the latest AGV in BA Systèmes’ range at Intralogistics / SITL Fair in Paris and CEMAT Fair in Hanover, we now invite you to discover it on video.



GF2, Counterbalance Forklift AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) for agrifood and bottling industry



The GF2 is the ideal AGV for bulk storage and automatic trailer loading especially in demanding and high flow rates environments such as in food and beverage industry.


Compact but nonetheless high-performant, it can handle twin loads and ensure optimal visibility for operators.


Provided with 360-degree horizontal, lateral and front vertical safety equipment that adapts to the kind of loads the AGV carries, the GF2 can evolve efficiently and safely within the industrial working environment in cohabitation with operators.


Its compactness and design enable the AGV to integrate easily into the heart of production processes while highlighting the intrinsic characteristics of the robot: performance, safety and innovation.

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