PRC2, 1st mobile cobot in Europe

Published on 13 June 2018

The PRC2 project (ie “Platform for Robot Controller Construction”) aims at developing a collaborative software environment dedicated to robotics in the Factory of the Future


The demonstrator developed by BA Systèmes which aims at illustrating and confirming the results of the project, is a collaborative robot mounted on a mobile base.



A cobot to work hand in hand with the operators

The cobot or collaborative robot helps the operator in his heavy manipulation operations providing him with more ergonomics, safety in harsh and repeatable tasks. The operator is then relieved from the weight of the load and arduousness of the task.



A project to change robotics software

PRC2 developments will contribute greatly to facilitate the programming of robotic systems, secure their operations and accelerate development time.



Discover PRC2 cobot in video



More about PRC2

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