Mobile Robotics supporting the Factory of the Future

Published on 5 July 2018

Are you curious to discover how BA Systèmes conducts some Open Innovation activities for applications within the Factory of the Future? Have a look at Guy Caverot, Robotics and Innovation Director, interview on our involvement in the IRT Jules Verne.


In line with its Open Innovation approach, BA Systèmes has chosen of course to participate and get involved in several research projects within the IRT Jules Verne since its launching.


(Author’s Note: IRT are French Technological Research Institute)



For example, the two last projects addressed the development of mobile robots in the context of applications within the Factory of the Future, with:

  • Asimov, a mobile cobot for aircraft assembly operations, developed by BA Systèmes, IRT Jules Vernes, Airbus and LS2N,
  • Star, a turtle type compact mobile robot for the transport of parts and loading of machines in manufacturing and logistics centers, developed by BA Systèmes, IRT Jules Verne, Daher, Faurecia and IRCCYN.



The common interests that bring together BA Systèmes, the IRT and many other partners can be summarized by the following benefits and keywords:




Discover Guy CAVEROT’s interview:



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