B2A Technology sets up the organization that will support its growth

Published on 2 October 2018

B2A Technology announces the organization whose objective is to accelerate the group’s transformation, to support its international growth objectives and to prepare external growth operations.



With a turnover of EUR 100 million in 2017 and 500 employees, B2A Technology Group created at the beginning of 2018 by Alstef and BA Systèmes, is the leader in automated turnkey solutions for the intralogistics, airport and robotics markets.


To sustain this momentum, B2A Technology is setting up a new managerial structure on October 1st, based on a strengthened governance composed of four cross-functional departments and two Directorates-General.


“This new organization is an important step in the construction of B2A Technology Group. It will bring teams together around common goals and combine the best of both companies. I am confident in our ability to achieve our ambitious growth objectives by improving the quality of service for our customers”, explains Pierre MAROL.



A Centralized Governance

Pierre MAROL, President of B2A Technology, ensures the operational management and the realization of the business plan. The CEOs, the cross-functional directors as well as the subsidiaries’ Directors in Canada, Turkey, Russia and in Croatia report directly to him.


Jean-Luc THOMÉ, CEO of B2A Technology, is in charge of business development, innovation activities and new products.


Two CEOs Appointed

Djemal GHANEM was appointed CEO of Alstef Automation on January 1st, 2018. Djemal joined the company about 29 years ago after obtaining his engineering degree. He held many technical positions before being appointed Industrial Director in 2012.


Rémy FARGIER, Operations Director since 2013, is appointed CEO of BA Systèmes. Rémy joined BA Systèmes 5 years ago, after a 24-year career built in technology industries on several operational functions and in high-stakes contexts.


Four Cross-Functional Departments Created

To support this new organization, B2A Technology chooses to optimize its internal skills by bringing together all support services in four cross-functional departments.


Administrative and Financial Department

Sylvie SCHROEDER, currently CFO of Alstef, is in charge of the Group’s Administrative and Financial Management. Sylvie is responsible for the legal, accounting, payroll and management control services for all Group companies.


Resources and Synergies Department

Nathalie RIGAUD, currently Corporate Secretary of BA Systèmes, becomes Director of Resources and Synergies. Nathalie is in charge of human resources, communication, cross-functional projects management and the Group’s external growth operations.


IT Systems Department

Éric HERVÉ, currently CIO of Alstef, is in charge of the Group’s IT Systems Department. Éric leads the IT teams at Alstef and BA Systèmes to build a robust and efficient IS.


Purchasing Department

Jean ARTUR is the head of the purchasing department. Jean, who is a new member of the group, will bring his experience in purchasing, acquired in several areas of industry and services.




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