Our R&D projects

Research and Development for your benefits and for the development of cobotic and mobile robotics of the future

At BA Systèmes, all technological developments coming from open innovation projects strengthen our expertise. They are then adapted and integrated to our AGV offer to make our customers benefit from the best technologies, as with, for example:

  • The GL 10.1 design, based on Robm@rket project,
  • The Discovery IGS 730 (in partnership with GE Healthcare) is the application of laser guidance technology in the medical field, based on Irimi project,
  • The Rob@gro project which has contributed to developing BA Systèmes’ expertise in the automation of manual vehicles.



bénéficessome of our projeCts


Embedded systems kernel & development workshop

  • Field: Software
  • Partners: Sherpa Engineering, Safran, Schneider Electric, Alstom Transport, CEA, CETIM, Krono-Safe, BA Systèmes
  • Funders: “Investissements d’Avenir” program
  • Status: Completed



Assistant for Industrial Structure and Systems and Manufacturing Optimization Value

  • Field: Cobotics
  • Partners: Airbus, Airbus Group Innovations, IRT Jules Verne, IRCCYN, BA Systèmes
  • Funders: IRT Jules Verne
  • Status: Completed




Robotic System for imagery guided surgery

  • Field: Healthcare
  • Partners: GE Healthcare, CEA-List, C&K Components, IRCCyN, CR2i (AP-HP, INRA), BA Systèmes
  • Funders: Single Inter-Ministry Fund (FUI), Regional Council of Brittany
  • Status: Completed



Software platform dedicated to programming robotics application

  • Field: Software
  • Partners: CEA-List, Akéo Plus, Arcure, Sarrazin Technologies, BA Systèmes
  • Funders: “Investissements d’Avenir” program
  • Status: On-going



Walking Rehabilitation Robot

  • Field: Healthcare
  • Partners: CEA-List, CHU de Rennes, CRPPC/LAUREPS (Université Rennes 2), CMRRF de Kerpape, MOVEA, BA Systèmes
  • Funders: Feder (UE), BPIFrance, Regional Council of Brittany, Rennes Métropole
  • Status: Completed



Mobile Robot for automated order picking

  • Field: Mobile robotics
  • Partners: CEA-List, IRISA-Inria, INSA, Université de Caen, BA Systèmess
  • Funders: ANR
  • Status: Completed



Sustainable and Reliable Robotics for Part Handling in Manufacturing

  • Field: Mobile robotics
  • Partners: PSA Peugeot-Citroën, Universités d’Aalborg, d’Edimbourg, de Fribourg et de Bonn, INESC, BA Systèmes
  • Funders: European Union (FP7)
  • Status: Completed



Mobile Piece of Contemporary Art

  • Field: Mobile robotics
  • Partners: LAAS-CNRS, EvaAlbarran&Co, La Biennale de Venise, BA Systèmes
  • Funders: Institut Français, BA Systèmes
  • Status: Completed



Automatic & Supervised Vehicle for Containers

  • Field: Port automation
  • Partners: Gaussin Manugistique, CRIStAL-CNRS, IRCCyn, BA Systèmes
  • Funders: “Investissements d’Avenir” program
  • Status: On-going


 And many other R&D projects on-going and to be launched


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