Mobile cobot for aircraft assembly operations

Asimov, BA Systèmes

Asimov project (based on the name of Isaac Asimov, famous science-fiction writer and inventor of the three laws of robotics, who tells the story of robots living alongside humans), aimed at developing a cobot capable of performing assembly operations within an aircraft structure.


Asimov is a collaborative robot which has been developed to work together with operators during the assembly operations of the Airbus-plane A380. Thanks to the autonomous mobile platform, it can move inside the plane towards the right place, to print, with high precision on the structure, with its polyarticulated arm, the form and reference of the piece that has to be assembled thereafter by highly qualified operators.


Besides the challenge to develop new types of industrial robots which could work effectively alongside operators, this project solves for Airbus, some errors or accuracy problems in printing holes for some aero elements assembly in the A380. Automating their marking also allows them to increase their production rates.



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bénéficesASIMOV results for BA Systèmes

  • Test the human-robot interaction at the heart of the challenges of the Factory of the Future,
  • Technical advances in the development of a compact and light mobile base with important crossing capacity,
  • Accelerate the production start of the first industrial cobot on an assembly line.


 Asimov in video

Presentation of the mobile cobot for aircraft assembly operations



Airbus testimony on Asimov project


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