Robotic medical imaging system for minimally invasive surgeries

Robot mobile BA Systèmes de technique d’imagerie médicale

Labelled by three competitiveness clusters (Medicen, Systematic, Images & Réseaux), the IRIMI project (“Imageur Robotisé pour les Interventions Minimalement Invasives “ i.e Robotic imager for minimally invasive surgeries) carried the ambition to demonstrate the feasibility of a robotic imaging system that meets the needs for interventional and surgical imaging. Indeed it aimed at designing a mobile imaging system to guide minimally invasive surgeries.


The Discovery IGS 730, robot marketed by GE Healthcare, is born of the IRIMI project and meets the hybridization needs of radiation and surgery rooms. Equipped with a 3D imaging system on a C-shaped arm, itself supported by an automated guided vehicle developed by BA Systèmes, the Discovery can acquire patient images during minimally invasive interventions, in cardiovascular surgery and oncology.


The involved partners

  GE Healthcare, ,BA Systèmes  CEA List, BA Systèmes 
 BA Systèmes - Innovation LS2N C&K, BA Systèmes  CR2i (AP-HP, INRA) 



IRIMI, a rewarded project


bénéficesIrimi results for BA Systèmes

  • A patent registered for BA Systèmes and General Electric Healthcare,

  • Creation of BA Healthcare in 2012 (20 people company),

  • A product marketed worldwide and a series production for BA Healthcare,

  • Acquisition of new expertise: Designing robotics solutions for the healthcare sector and industrializing products that respect the healthcare standards.



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