From the AGV to order preparation

Robmarket, BA Systèmes robot for order preparation

Robm@rket is the first collaborative project in which BA Systèmes was involved. With a length of 3 years, the Robm@rket project finished on May 2011.


This ANR (“Agence Nationale de la Recherche”, i.e. French National Research Agency) collaborative project aimed at developing the combined use of a mobile robot and an articulated robot to automate order preparation.


Robm@rket’s innovative aspects are found in reducing energy costs of order preparation, improving working conditions and independent handling of special orders.


BA Systèmes, project coordinator, realized the mobile handling platform and an order preparation industrial mock-up.


the involved partners 

basystemes CEA List, BA Systèmes Inria, BA Systèmes
Université de Caen, BA Systèmes Groupe Insa, BA Systèmes  



Robm@rket, Innovation Supply Chain 2009 Award2009

The 2009 “Innovation Supply Chain” award was granted to the Robm@rket project. This prize is awarded by ASLOG (ASsociation pour la LOGistique – French logistics association) for innovative applied research projects in the field of logistics.


bénéficesROBM@RKET results for BA Systèmes

This project helped preparing the industrialization of a robotic solution by removing technological obstacles in the fields of visual servoing and cobotics. And also:

  • 2 patents registered in 2009 for BA Systèmes,
  • A more compact AGV developed as part of the project: GL 10.1,
  • The development of a second innovation project with Bouygues Construction (Roby).
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