Mobile device for gait training

Robot mobile BA Systèmes pour la rééducation de la marche

Robo-K is a 3-year collaborative project, funded under the FUI13 whose objective is to design, build and test a mobile robot for gait training.


This applied research project is specially designed for patients who suffer from walking disability with a neurological origin (stroke, sclerosis, Parkinson desease, etc.).


Innovative by its technical object, Robo-K project is also innovative by its method, which focuses on the question of the device acceptability. Robo-K project is based on the collaboration between users and technical centers organized around an approach of social psychology to tackle the issue of robotic rehabilitation from the particular angle of use. The objective of this approach is to think the device as a tool that should be integrated into the rehabilitative process and not just as a new technical object to master. The process is focused on the patient, offering many different types of interaction, to reach an ecological rehabilitation leaving the patient wander around safely.


Conducting clinical trials and acceptability studies will investigate how the device fits into the therapeutic process, how practitioners and patients have the new machines in hands… and how it improves their condition.


The involved partners

  CEA List, BA Systèmes  CHU Rennes, BA Systèmes
BA Systèmes - Innovation InvenSense CRPCC, BA Systèmes  Kerpape, BA Systèmes 




bénéficesthe results for BA Systèmes & BA Healthcare

  • SLAM navigation (“Simultaneous Localization And Mapping”) that BA Systèmes’ AGV should benefit in the longer term,
  • Understanding of the market, technical requirements and constraints of the medical professionals,
  • Design, implementation and integration of an innovative medical device.


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