Engineering an AGV Solution

Thinking a system supporting flows and performance optimization

Designing, manufacturing and installing internal flow management solutions with AGVs for production sites in France and abroad is the core business of BA Systèmes for decades. Well-known companies such as Heineken, Nestlé, L’Oréal or Kraft Food have trusted us to carry out their automation projects.


BA Systèmes knows the customer process and control the overall management of a facility. Our business is to meet our customers flow needs. We develop solutions that provide complete logistics systems composed of technology solutions tailored for their specific characteristics and that meet their objectives.



Our expertise is based on specific skills

1. Logistics Analysis

The understanding and the knowledge of industrial processes are at the heart of our pre-sales and project management activities: consultancy, design and implementation of master plans, functional descriptions, layouts and simulations allow you to better understand your future system in its environment.

2. Turnkey Systems

BA Systèmes’ strength is not only to manage a part of your intralogistics problematic but to be able to provide you with a comprehensive “turnkey” solution to automate the entire flows of your plant (conveying, storage, cranes…). Our exclusive global partnership with Gebo Cermex allows us to offer complete handling solutions from packaging and consumables to the management of finished goods in the warehouse.


3. AGV Design & Manufacturing

As manufacturer and integrator of our AGVs, we have complete control of our products. We can also develop specific AGVs for special needs or types of loads.


4. Development of the Supervision / Fleet Management Software

We develop our own WMS, WCS and AGV fleet management software suite allowing to take closely into account your needs and adapt the system to your processes. Analysis tools allow you to monitor and improve the overall performance of your system over time.


5. Maintenance and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

Through appropriate services & products and a dedicated team, we ensure to maintain the performance and the scalability of your installation with long-term commitment on the control of operating costs. This commitment can be made thanks to the feedbacks we have since more than 20 years from our installed base.


6. Contact us

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