BA Systèmes has based its development on strategic industrial agreements to complete its offer and continuously develop its technologies

Gebo Cermex, partenaire BA Systèmes

Packaging line engineering Specialist

BA Systèmes/Gebo Cermex partnership allows both companies to complete their range of end of line products and provide their customers with complete intralogistics solutions.

BA Systèmes and Gebo Cermex are two major players in the intralogistics and packaging line engineering fields. In 2015, both companies chose to formalize their historical relations by concluding an exclusive global partnership agreement. BA Systèmes and Gebo Cermex combine their experiences in order to offer new complete intralogistics solutions to their customers (performance optimization of production lines thanks to automated management of packaging materials and finished goods flows by AGV systems).




Automatic warehouse specialist

Designer and assembler, turnkey storage and handling facilities supplier, Alstef provides high-bay storage and order preparation systems. BA Systèmes and Alstef have been working together for a few years with success, as in the case of Banque de France’s tender, project won by the two companies.



Expert in Warehouse Management Software (WMS)

PENTA (“Pilotage d’ENTrepôt Automatisé” i.e. Control of Automated Warehouse) is a warehouse management software to optimize stock and resources management (physical management of material flows, real time stocks, traceability and optimization of logistics resources). The partnership between BA Systèmes and PENTA began with the automation of the Clairefontaine plant.